The Game, the Reward, the Motivation and the Caress.
This is OUR Method!

School class with us

Dogs 3 months and older

How to increase the confidence of dogs to get better learning from them.

Boarding school education

Dogs 3 months or older

In order to ensure total success, our team is there to achieve the goals

Home or work classes

Dogs 3 months or older

How to develop your skills for a result in your daily life.

Courses Offered


Boot Camp

Sports demonstrations club

Family Club

Elite Work Club





Prevention and behavioral control


Workshop and conference



i Pay attention to vaccinations

Vaccinations must be up to date and proof must be provided during the course.

A Team of 10 Enthusiasts:

4 Professional

2 Professional
Canine Instructors

2 Professional
Canine Educators

2 Professional
Canine Groomers

Our Method

Without Violence

At the school of the Labbé family, we are against all forms of violence and abuse done to dogs, and our methods of education and all our courses are provide with tenderness and respect of our friends the dogs.

In Urban Areas

Courses available in urban areas exposing your dog to maximum distractions.