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Obéissance / Contrôle du comportement

Private Lessons

Private lessons are private sessions of 30, 45 or 60 minutes during which an instructor will focus exclusively on you and your dog in order to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

In these classes, we go at the pace of your dog and yourself, which is sometimes difficult in group class sessions requiring you to have many sessions for the same result.

Here, whether your dog learns faster or more difficult than another, it is HIS learning pace that will be followed and respected.

Our training philosophy is to create handler/dog duos that have mutual trust in each other. For this, our education is based on the notions of conditioning and positive reinforcement, 2 well-recognized methods in the canine field.

Several educational programs are available to you with private lessons.

Prices start at $79.99 plus tax per session. We have à la carte packages or programs designed especially for your dog.

  • We have special attention during these courses.
  • You will have the same teacher from start to finish

The Canine Brigade method of teaching; proven effective / flexible hours / free follow-up for life.


According to your availability.

At our school:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening *Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays *
  • 5 days from Tuesday to Saturday inclusevily

Details of upcoming courses

Type of courses offered


The goal of the obedience course is, on the one hand, to get the dog to obey quickly and effectively, on a leash, the following commands: Sit, Lay down, Come, Stay, Stand up, Walk to heels. On the other hand, advanced obedience leads the dog to respond precisely to the same commands, but off leash, in addition to responding to hand signals. This course allows you to exercise better control over the dog, both inside and outside.

Family Obedience Base 1

Obedience control with leash

The goal of this course is to get your dog to obey quickly and effectively on the leash, through play, reward, motivation and petting. Training indoors (in the training room) and outdoors (in real life).

  • Walking (follow the pace of walking, slow, normal and fast)
  • Walk around (the dog walks around its master and returns to the left)
  • U-turn (turn left and/or turn right
  • Sitting (sideways, walking, forward)
  • Come ahead (at the rappel, with the leash)
  • Rest (with distraction ex: dog, ball, food)
  • Diaper (side, front and walking),
  • Standing (side, front)

Offers control at the park or on the street.

Family Obedience Base 2

Obedience control without leash

The goal of this course is to get the dog to respond accurately, off-leash, to spoken and wordless commands, which defines obedience to hand signals.

  • Don’t jump on people
  • With other dogs
  • In-car control

Base 1 prerequisite.

Behavior and Psychology

This type of class is suitable for dogs showing certain dominant, nervous, hesitant, submissive, aggressive and all other behaviors. We will allow you to better understand the different behaviors that your dog could have and to better meet his different needs.

Canine psychology will let you know the reasons for canine behavior as well as its body language. You will then be able to properly correct your dog’s canine behavior problems.

With the health crisis, we have been faced with an increase in dogs with behavioral problems linked to separation anxiety, nervousness and reactivity and we consider it essential to be able to inform dog owners as well as possible in order to allow them to find a more pleasant and stable daily life with their faithful companions.


& Fantasy

Agility is an obstacle course, a team sport, where the complicity, worked in obedience classes, between the master and his dog is put to the test. It is a discipline which consists, for the handler, in directing his faithful companion on a course strewn with obstacles. In addition to the fact that this activity develops the bond of trust and cohesion between humans and dogs, it is a very exciting and rewarding discipline for the animal.

This sporting activity is accessible to adults and children and, of course, to all dogs without any discrimination for size or breed.


Tracking is a dog training discipline in its own right, in which a dog is trained to follow an olfactory trail. This is a natural discipline for the dog whose sense of smell is formidable, however, a good tracker dog must receive an appropriate education, in order to recognize certain smells or substances, and to be able to follow a track accurately.

Tracking is a canine sport in its own right, framed by national and international competitions: Sport Tracking and Utility Tracking.

i Pay attention to vaccinations

Vaccinations must be up to date and proof must be provided during the course.

Pre-registration (Assessment)

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