Educational boarding school

Boarding School

This service is adapted to your dog. The Boarding School training has for mandate to reach your goals in a short period of time; «intensive».

One question that is often asked by our clients is how can this training be efficient if I am not there to teach my dog?

The answer that we give is that people who are visually impaired have access to guide dogs and this for many years now. These guide dogs were trained by specialists and not by their future owner. Our goal is not to replace the dog owner but rather to complement the training so that you can achieve your desired goal.

Recommendations :

This program is strongly recommended for dogs with behavior problems, reacting too strongly to movement, aggressiveness, to protect resources, nervousness or affective dependence.

Also recommended if you do not have enough time to train your dog, this program is ideal for you.

Criteria for Admissibility

The dog must spend the entire day (8 hours) at school. Starting at 139,99$ plus taxes.

The dog must have been evaluated before hand by one of our Maître-Chien to assess their potential.

Alexandra Charpentier, Professional Dog Handler since 2018 and Head of private lessons and boarding school


  • by day, week or month.
  • this service is offered all year round.

This course is designed for dogs which live far from the school as well as those who are close by. It allows your dog to experience socialisation in a secure environment with professionals caring for your dog and personalising the training.

  • Survaillance 15 hours per day.
  • Programs quick and easy between the house and the Boarding school with access to a portal (in development)
  • Sports and multidisciplinary activities.
  • Supervised practice periods (maître-chien).
  • Private space for each dog including a bed and access to water all the time.
  • Storage space for each of them.
  • An incomparable urban living experience.

What is it about ? :

The training periods in obedience and/or control of the behavioral aspects mentioned represent 3 to 4 hours in a day.

Your dog has access to 8 to 10 daily outings.

  • Urban street walks
  • Exercises in a controlled environment for behaviors (Reactivity, aggressiveness, anxiety, emotional dependence, resource protection)
  • Socialization
  • Play time (with or without another dog)
  • Physical maintenance of your dog

i Pay attention to vaccinations

Vaccinations must be up to date and proof must be provided during the course.

Registration to the Bording School

The Canine Squad now offers online booking. If you are already a customer, call 514-645-2020 to obtain your password.

Alternatively, you can create an account with the button below.