Educational boarding school

A service adapted to your dog!

What is the educational pension?

The purpose of the educational pension is to achieve the desired results in a shorter period of time; in other words “intensive”.

The most recurring question from our customers: “How does it become effective if I don’t teach it?”

Here is the answer: “The blind have had access to guide dogs for several years. However, it was not them who trained the dogs, but schools specialized in the subject in order to obtain the guide dogs that we know today. Far from the idea of ​​replacing the master in the eyes of your dog, we are complementary in order to achieve the desired objectives.”

To the second most recurring question reaching us: “Is my dog ​​going to forget me?”

The answer: “Of course not! Dogs have an excellent olfactory memory and do not forget their owners even after months without seeing them. Have you ever seen the videos of soldiers coming home after their service? In other words, there is nothing to worry about!”


  • This type of program is highly recommended for dogs with behavioral problems of reactivity, aggression, protection of resources, increased nervousness or emotional dependence.
  • Also, if you lack the time to allocate to training your dog, this program will be ideal for you.

Eligibility criteria:

  • The dog must spend a full day (8 hours) at school. Starting at $139.99 plus tax or following a preliminary assessment meeting, this can be suggested by the Dog Handler who will meet with you.
  • The dog must first have been assessed by one of our Dog Handlers to determine its potential.

Additional Information


  • Daily, weekly or monthly (Will be defined during the evaluation)
  • This service is offered year-round (Depending on eligibility and availability)

What is boarding school?

It is aimed as much at dogs who live far from the school as at those who live nearby. It allows you to experience socialization and socialization for your companion in a safe and professional context while benefiting from personalized supervision.

  • A supervisor monitoring 15 hours a day
  • Easy and fast programs between home and boarding school, with access to a portal
  • Sports and multidisciplinary activities
  • Periods of supervised practice (Dog handler)
  • A private space for each dog, including a bed and access to water at all times
  • Storage space for each of them
  • An incomparable urban living experience

What does it consist of? :

The training periods in obedience and/or control of the different behavioral aspects mentioned represent up to 4 hours in a day (Defined during the evaluation).


Your dog has access to 8 to 10 daily outings.

  • Urban street walks
  • Exercises in a controlled environment for behaviors (Reactivity, aggressiveness, anxiety, emotional dependence, resource protection)
  • Socialization & Socialization
  • Playtime (with or without other dogs)
  • Physical maintenance of your animal

i Pay attention to vaccinations

Vaccinations must be up to date and proof must be provided during the course.

Boarding school enrollment

The Canine Brigade now offers online booking. If you are already a customer, call 514-645-2020 to obtain your password.

Otherwise, you can create an account with the button below.