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I.A.M.C Program

Only 39,99$ + tx

During this first meeting, the puppy is present with you, it is a theoretical and practical course with the master(s). This one is a must to get off on the right foot with your pet. During this 60 minute  appointment , you will have all the answers regarding his behavior and next steps.

This unique meeting will also allow us to plan the rest of your puppy’s education by offering you a program adapted to your expectations and your reality as well as your puppy’s ability to respect it.

  • Nipping
  • Cleanliness
  • Socialization
  • Yelping and/or squealing
  • Pleasant walk

To develop his skills to their full potential, we will determine if your puppy collaborates more through play, reward (treating), vocal motivation or caressing (touching). Always with our non-violent methods that have been proven for 52 years.

I.A.M.F Program

Only $69.99 + tx 1st session of 1h30

The Initiation to the Family World program is a preparation program for the arrival of the puppy in your daily life. We prepare you during this meeting for the course of the first weeks in the company of your puppy. Some frequently asked questions:

  • How should the car ride be?
  • Should my puppy have a place of its own? If so, where should it be? If so, where should it be?
  • I’ve heard a lot about biting, should I be worried?
  • How to approach cleanliness?

And the most important aspect, the first night.

During the first theoretical meeting, we will enlighten you about these different questions and of course about the implementation of these different aspects.
The second practical meeting will take place two weeks after the puppy’s arrival at home in order to see with you if there are still aspects to work on, to begin the integration of the walk and of course to plan the continuation of an adapted program. to your needs and your puppy’s abilities so that it benefits you every day.

During the second practical meeting (I.A.M.F)

The session will be 45 minutes

  • Nipping (clothing, furniture)
  • Initiation to walking
  • Socialization
  • Cleanliness
  • Yelping and/or squealing

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