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Pet Food

Les moulées gagnon

Formerly Les Aliments G-N Gagnon, specializing in food for dogs and cats, Mr. Guy-Noël Gagnon was the first in Quebec to produce private label dog and cat food. Upscale food at very competitive prices. Mr. Guy-Noël Gagnon, retiring, sold the business to Mrs. Isabelle Lavoie who then named it Les Moulées Gagnon while keeping the same range of quality products. Les Moulées Gagnon works in collaboration with dieticians to offer only the best to your animals. Their health and well-being are always a priority. for them, choosing the Gagnon brand is a safe choice. In direct contact with their customers and distributor, they will surely win your trust.


From puppies and kittens to adult dogs and cats, we know that no two pets are alike. Animals have different biological needs at different life stages, so we use cutting-edge food science to engineer precisely balanced nutrition for all stages of your pet’s life. We formulate foods scientifically designed for the specific needs of healthy pets, such as supporting mobility and joint health in dogs, helping cats prone to hairball formation, and more.

Pur evolution

Pür Evolution was born from a 100% Quebec company that has been working in the field of raw food since 1938. Supplier of choice for wildlife rehabilitation centers, farm animals, zoological centers and kennels and sled dogs. The new generation of owners has transformed the vision and mission of the company to identify with this new philosophy of pet nutrition. We have been wholesalers of frozen meat products for decades. Convinced of the benefits of this approach, we have decided to extend our expertise specifically to dogs and cats and we present to you the new range of complete and balanced raw recipes. While respecting the true nature of your companion, our vision is to evolve the field of pet food. Having the passion and well-being of animals at heart, our mission is to offer you the best quality of complete and balanced raw food for dogs and cats in Quebec. We are the first Quebec company to offer you 100% raw formulas that meet the requirements of the NRC and the AAFCO while being licensed for human consumption meat by the MAPAQ. We are the first in Quebec to have made complete analyzes public. Although many have followed in our footsteps, we are proud of our values ​​and our vision.

Accessories for dogs and cats

rc pets

When we established the company 31 years ago, we had a vision to create pet products exclusively designed to enhance the bond between pets and their owners. This vision is always the basis of everything we do.


KONG toys encourage play, satisfying natural needs and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Crump's naturals

Crumps’ Naturals was created in 2006 by a husband and wife duo in a garage in Caledon, Ontario Canada. Since then, we have grown into a company that produces healthy treats for dogs and cats in our fully customized catering facility with over 150 amazing employees. Our trip has been the most rewarding experience but we continue to grow by instilling the same values ​​we had from day one. We pride ourselves on being a leader in the pet industry by creating innovative products for your beloved family member. Margot Crump, CEO of The Crump Group, shares how Crumps’ Naturals came to be and where it hopes to be in the future.