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The Brigade Canine Team is here to communicate their knowledge so that you can develop the best possible relationship with you dog.

Since 1970, we develpped a method without violence targetting your expectations and the need of your dog. Acording to the age, capacity, temperament, behavior and skills of your dog, we will be able to establish with you the best educational program possible. Our excellent educational program will allow you and your canine friend to spend quality time together. You will have a dog that knows the limits to respect creating a pleasant walking activity for you and your companion. A well behaved dog makes for a formidable companion and creates a solid and positive relationship between you, your dog and its environment. To train a dog, it is important to respect him and understand the owners expectations. The game, the reward, the motivation and the caress are the main tools for the success of the education programs.

You will have a dog who will know the limits to respect, who will warn you if necessary and with whom the walk will be pleasant. A well supervised dog is truly an ideal companion. A dog, well raised according to the rules of the art, is wonderful and helps to establish a solid relationship with those around him as well as a positive complicity. To properly educate a dog, it is important to respect it and above all to listen to the expectations of the masters.

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