What is the educational pension?

The educational boarding aims for faster results, offering an intensive immersion for your companion.

Our secure and professional environment promotes socialization with personalized supervision.

The training periods in obedience and/or control of the different behavioral aspects mentioned represent up to 4 hours in a day (defined during the evaluation).

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Why is educational boarding effective even if you are not the one teaching?

Blind people have benefited for years from guide dogs, trained by specialized schools. Likewise, our role is not to replace the master in the eyes of your dog, but to complete your approach to achieve your common goals.

Will your dog forget you?

No way! Dogs have excellent olfactory memory and do not lose connection with their owners, even after months of not seeing them. It's like soldiers who reunite with their families after their service. So, no need to worry.

Who is this for?

1. For dogs with a behavioral disorder such as reactivity, aggression, resource guarding, increased nervousness or emotional dependence.

2. If you are short of time to train your dog, this program is also ideal for you.

Find out what's included

• A manager monitoring 15 hours a day
• Easy and quick programs between home and boarding school, with access to a portal
• Sports and multidisciplinary activities
• Periods of supervised practice (dog handler)
• A private space for each dog, including a bed and access to water at all times
• Storage space for each of them
• An incomparable urban living experience

8 to 10 daily outings

• Walks on the street in an urban environment
• Exercises in a controlled environment for behaviors (reactivity, aggressiveness, anxiety, emotional dependence, resource protection)
• Socialization and socialization
• Play periods (with or without other dogs)
• Physical care of your animal

Eligibility criteria

1) Your dog must spend a full day (8 hours) at school. Starting at $139.99 plus taxes or following a prior evaluation meeting, this may be suggested by the dog handler who will meet you.

2) Your dog must first have been evaluated by one of our dog handlers to determine its potential.

3) Your dog must have all vaccinations up to date for the following vaccines: DHPP, Leptospiroe, Bordetella and Rabies.

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