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The Canine Brigade was founded in 1970 by Frédéric Labbé's parents, Paul Labbé and Pauline Landry, who were respectively a dog handler and groomer.

Frédéric's parents had already accumulated a few years of experience watching their own fathers at work, who were themselves dog handlers in the Canadian Armed Forces for mine clearance and livestock.

In 1967, Paul and Pauline began breeding chow-chows.

From 1969 to 1970, a stay in the United States and courses in shearing and grooming allowed them to follow complete and vigorous training. On their return, they decided to realize their dream and found a comprehensive educational institution. They start with a school for guard and protection dogs by training large breed dogs.

Since 1984, the clientele has evolved. There are many fewer protection classes, but many more obedience classes given the increase in the number of small dogs who also need education. There is a need to teach housekeeping, more dog psychology, help control behavioral problems and provide family obedience, fantasy and agility classes.

It is this path that allowed Frédéric to be qualified as a professional dog handler by André Lamarche and Huguette Pinard on May 2, 1992 and to know in depth the complicity that is established between the master and his dog, thus developing the approach which now makes the Canine Brigade Inc. successful.

It was in 2022, following the health crisis and the growth in demands for dog training that we, Alexandra Charpentier, Alison White and Maryse Lambert, made the decision to join forces and become the new co-owners of the Canine Brigade after several years of good and loyal service to this same company. We are proud to have Frédéric in our team of trainers; With over 30 years of experience under his belt, he is a valuable asset to our team.

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