What is a dog trainer?

  • He is a professional focused on advising dog owners. It aims to restore the disturbed relationship between a person or family and their pet.
  • The trainer takes care of the training and operant conditioning of the dogs. He maintains the dogs entrusted to him in the best possible conditions.

Become a dog trainer

Learn methods for handling dogs of all sizes and behaviors, fostering a trusting relationship between the student and their canine companion.

Our approach exposes you to dogs of varying breeds and behaviors, preparing you to interact with each dog in an appropriate and caring manner.

Your knowledge of conditioning and education through positive reinforcement will be a guarantee of the quality of your work.

Discover the program content

Dog history, breeds, crossbreeds, groups & behavior

Evaluation and rehabilitation required & obedience family dog

2 practical exams + theoretical exam 2.5 hours

125 hours / $3,750

Your advantages

  • Issuing tax receipt for tuition fees (tax deductible)
  • Acquire and master the necessary knowledge and techniques in the field of
    dog training
  • Recommendation to employers
  • Develop your own business
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Become an expert

After completing your training at our school, you will be able to offer high-level courses adapted to the needs of your future clientele. You will be able to train dogs of all breeds and temperaments.

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