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Puppy classes are offered to help you build a beautiful relationship with your puppy. During these meetings, you will get all the answers to your questions.

Know that the programs are adapted to your expectations, your reality as well as your puppy's abilities to respect.

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IAMC Program - Introduction to the Canine World

Only $39.99 + tax / Duration 45 to 60 minutes

Take part in this theoretical and practical course to obtain all the answers to your questions regarding your puppy's behavior. In addition, we will plan the rest of his education with a program adapted to your expectations and your reality.

IAMF Program - Introduction to the Family World

Only $69.99 + tax

Duration of 60 minutes (1st theoretical lesson)

Prepare for the arrival of your puppy in your daily life with this first theoretical meeting. You will learn everything you need to know to ensure a good first few weeks with your puppy.

Duration 45 minutes (2nd Practical lesson)

Start integrating your puppy's basics. You will then be offered a program adapted to your needs and the abilities of your puppy.

Adoption Assistance Program


This program is essential to ensure a companion who suits your lifestyle and your goals. One of our instructors will accompany you throughout your adoption process in order to provide you with their expertise and ensure you have an ideal companion based on the points you have presented to us.

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Whether you are looking for solid training foundations, effective socialization or personalized advice, our experienced team is here to guide you in achieving your goals from the earliest stages of puppy development.

Introduction to the Canine World

Introduction to the Family World

Adoption Assistance Program

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Immerse yourself in an enriching experience that will create a unique bond between you and your new canine companion. It's time to create a harmonious relationship with your dog by benefiting from the expertise of our team.

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