Our method

Since 1970, the Canine Brigade has developed a method of training for dogs without violence, adapted to the needs of owners and the pace of learning of dogs. The game, the reward, the motivation and the caress. This is our method!

Lessons are offered at school with you, in educational boarding schools and in lessons at home or at work.

The benefits of a dog class

Our education program will make your life easier and help you live harmoniously with your canine companion. Indeed, a well-supervised dog is truly an ideal companion.

You will have a dog who will know the limits to respect, who will warn you if necessary and with whom the walk will be pleasant.

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Our dog classes

Puppy classes

Private lessons at school

Behavior assessment

Educational pension

Dog lessons at home, at the office or at work

All our other courses offered


The goal of this course is to get your dog to obey quickly and effectively, through play, reward, motivation and caressing.

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Behavior control

The goal of this course is to teach owners of dogs with certain behavioral issues to properly control their companion in complete safety and always with respect for the animal.

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Boot Camp

The Boot Camp program aims to work in an environment conducive to training and for several hours a day the disturbing behaviors of certain dogs in our educational boarding school.

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Fancy classes are designed to teach your dog tricks to impress. Whether it's acting beautiful, playing dead or even dancing, your guests will be left speechless!

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Agility courses come in two parts: urban agility and competition agility. Whether in one or other of these areas, these classes will allow your dog to expend his energy in a fun way.

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Workshop and conference

You would like to introduce the benefits of dog training to those around you or even talk about specific points such as bite prevention. Our workshops and conferences are exactly what you need. Our dog handlers will be able to give you a great time while teaching you.

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You want to participate in exciting sporting activities in the company of other dog owners and their faithful four-legged companions. This service is made for you!

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Behavior prevention

Do you know the difficulties of having a dog beyond your control and want to start its education on a designed and proven basis that helps the dog in its development and learning good habits and behaviors? Register now to benefit from our experience!

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When can we start training our dog?

As soon as he arrives in your family. We will generally advise you to adapt to your home for 2 to 3 weeks before coming to meet us so that the puppy is not too disoriented.

How much does it cost to train a dog?

There is no fixed price, everything is proportional to the owner's expectations and the abilities of his canine companion. This is why we do an initial assessment, because every dog ​​is different.

Can all dogs be trained and/or rehabilitated despite their age or history?

Yes. An evaluation will allow us to determine the appropriate program by adapting to the temperament, character and learning potential of each dog by setting an achievable goal.